How To Ship

In addition to the following requirements, all shipments must comply with local, state and federal laws governing packing, marking and labeling.

Clinical Samples Packaging Requirement

Clinical samples such as blood, urine, tissue and other specimens require a multitude of different requirements relating to temperature and materials for packaging. These requirements vary from customer to customer making it each customer’s responsibility to advise ACC Med+Logistics of those specific requirements prior to and upon pick-up. Some of these requirements may also be pre-determined via an ACC Med+Logistics’ Service Agreement.

  1. Pick-ups are scheduled via our ACC Med+Logistics online order entry system or Customer Service Department
  2. All samples will be placed in specific packaging determined by the customer (i.e. urine cups, vials, jars, etc.)
  3. Samples are then to be placed in sealed, bio-hazard plastic bags
  4. Samples are to be labeled with an ACC Med+Logistics shipping label for tracking purposes
  5. Upon driver arrival, customer will advise of the temperature requirements of each sample (i.e. room-temperature, refrigerated, frozen)
  6. The ACC Med+Logistics driver will have a cooler with materials for each possible temperature requirement (i.e. ambient ice pack, refrigerated ice pack, dry ice) and will provide said cooler for customer to place samples in for transportation


Like clinical samples, pharmaceuticals have a number subcategories which can require specific packaging requirements. We ask that all pharmaceutical deliveries are pre-packaged in secured envelopes, bags or boxes and are labeled with an ACC Med+Logistics shipping label. If packages require overnight refrigeration, we ask that this is clearly indicated on the package. If the package requires in-transit refrigeration, we ask that our customers arrange this prior to pick-up to ensure that our drivers provide a cooler and refrigerated ice pack.

Third-Party Shipments

In some cases, our healthcare customers require that ACC Med+Logistics partners with a third-party shipping provider to deliver their shipments outside of our coverage area. In the event of such a partnership, ACC Med+Logistics requests that our customers provide specific guidelines for the third-party to ensure packages are not refused or delayed.